Gillette Fusion vs Gillette Sensor 3

Yesterday I thought I’d compare the Gillette Fusion to the Gillette Sensor 3. (The Sensor 3 is the disposable variant, as I can only seem to find blades for the Sensor Excel but no handles for sale in the supermarkets…)

Surely the 5 bladed Fusion would destroy the ancient and cheap Sensor 3?

Gillette Sensor 3
Gillette Fusion

The Sensor 3’s blades are further apart, where as the Fusion’s blades are very close together.

Sensor 3

The Fusion has more weight (I presume because the Sensor 3 is a disposable), but feels more difficult to maneuver.

I shaved half my face with the Sensor 3 and the other with the Fusion. The Sensor 3 cut and glided smoothly, and the Fusion seemed to want to pull the hair out more than to cut it.

The end result looked the same, but the Sensor 3 got there a lot easier.

The Fusion is also a complete rip off in terms of price. The Sensor 3’s are less than half the price.

I’d wouldn’t recommend the Fusion to anyone, and I’d recommend the Sensor 3 to everyone.

One Response to “Gillette Fusion vs Gillette Sensor 3”

  1. Shaving in Toronto says:


    Thank you for your pictures – I am going to try Sensor sometime in the future.

    Regarding Sensor handle:

    In Toronto you can easily find Gillette Sensor Excel handle in lots of supermarkets and drugstores and what is more important – ALL Sensor handles will accept ALL Sensor cartridges, regardless of what kind of Sensor they are: plain Sensor, Sensor Excel or Sensor 3.

    If you want to use Sensor handles (but not disposables) then you can use cartridges of other companies as well – lots of them are Sensor compatible, both two- and three-bladed. As to your choices, please see the links below (I am not related to this store and not endorsing):

    I hope it helps,